With 3Cheers, you have access to a recognition platform that is...
Simple, Motivating, Liberating

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Effective Employee Recognition Programs
that Won't Break the Bank

3Cheers is an affordable, flexible platform that can support any performance-based program. Our model was built to be simple and cost effective, ensuring your recognition spend goes straight to your people. Pretty awesome, right?

The Price What You Get
One-time Fee

Easy Setup Within Minutes

Unique URL/Web Address

Streamline Credit Card Payment (No Invoices)

Convenient and Secure Points Management

Customizable Reasons for Recognition

Personalized Certificates and Badges

Real-Time Program Activity Feed

Full Visual and Downloadable Program Reporting

Access to Brand Name Merchandise, Gift Cards, Experiences and More!

Let's Get Right to the Point(s)

3Cheers is a points-based platform and the 3Cheers points are your recognition currency. Each point costs $0.05 to purchase and is worth $0.05 in the catalog when your members redeem for rewards. There are no transaction fees or hidden costs.

Points can be purchased at any time, in any amount via secure credit card processing, giving you the freedom and flexibly to set and manage your point budget on your terms and your timeline.