With 3Cheers, you have access to a recognition platform that is...
Simple, Motivating, Liberating

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An Employee Recognition Platform that Works

3Cheers is a platform that is flexible, simple, and opens up a world of choice. We won't tell you that we know your business, but we do know people and which rewards are most motivating to them.

3Cheers will provide you with easy access to those rewards and the autonomy to create a program that suits your company.

5 Steps to an Effective Recognition Program

Step 1

Create Your Account

Completing the quick, 5-step account registration form. After creating your account for just $250, you will be able to personalize your account page with a logo, a business image and your own welcome message.

Step 2

Buy Points & Allocate Budgets

Purchasing a points budget is an easy online purchase, backed by a secure and proven credit card processing system. With the budget in hand, allocate points to your managers with the simplicity of online banking.

Step 3

Issue Points To Your People

Any budget owner can issue points to members for any reason – performance, sales incentives, service anniversary, or whatever lines up with your company's objectives. Issuing recognitions happens online, but delivery can happen by email and/or print.

Step 4

Redeem Points For Meaningful Rewards

3Cheers Rewards is a collection of merchandise (3,500+ brand name items), gift cards, media downloads, and experiences. Items in the collection have been purposefully chosen to provide a motivating impact for employees. We merchandise this collection monthly with specials and featured items.

Step 5

Monitor Your Online Reports

Check points balances and the use of budgets by your managers. See who is effectively using the tool and which associates are being recognized the most. Download reports to submit to your payroll team.